1 June 24

Looking Forward to Monday Lunch

4-panel comic exploring the distress of a low-residue restricted diet for a G.I. procedure

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30 May 24

Writing an Epitaph

6-panel comic exploring ways to write your life, or your life's work, in one line

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27 May 24


6-panel comic musing on invisibility in old age

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26 May 24

The World Isn't Fair

four panel comic depicting children in elementary school fighting over a pencil and being sent to the corner as punishment

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24 May 24

Shifting into Comics

I can’t remember when I started exploring comics as a medium — probably in 2021? — but very quickly I discovered the Sequential Artists Workshop. Based in Gainesville, Florida, but with a Mighty online presence, it has been a tremendous resource and source of inspiration and community.

I have a piece on Franco’s suppression of memory in Spain during and after the Spanish Civil War due to appear in a SAW anthology called Troubled Histories next month. I will publish it here once it’s been printed, but for now, here are some of the comics I made to support my pitch for this submission.

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23 May 24

Searching for My Shadow

four-panel comic exploring the nature and behavior of the author's shadow self

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22 May 24

Confession Time

four-panel comic depicting books I loved and hated at university and especially those I didn't read, especially Montaigne

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21 May 24

Are Children Born Moral?

nine-panel comic of different philosophies of morality in infants

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20 May 24

The Agony of Revising

four-panel comic about the ecstasy of the first idea and the agony of editing it

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